Kansas City Etsy Street Team Membership Requirements:
  1. You must be a seller on
  2. Live in or near the Greater Kansas City area.
  3. You must be a member to use the kcetsyteam tag in your Etsy listings.
  4. Uploading photos to the flickr group is limited to 4 photos a day.
  5. You must agree to be an active member in the group as defined below.

Active membership is defined as, complying with no less than two of the following:
  • Participate on our KCEtsy Teams Page on, through commenting in discussion threads on the forum.
  • Attend at least one group planning meeting every year.
  • Contribute something to the group in your area of expertise (ie: if you're a graphic designer, help design fliers or promo materials; a sales person could help get sponsors for our trunk show; advertising or marketing, promote the team and upcoming events, etc.).
  • Help organize an event to benefit the team as a whole ... educational workshops, team shows, sale or promotional events or opportunities.
  • Promote the KCEtsy team through blog posts, tweets, facebook, Etsy treasuries, newspaper articles, advertising pieces, postcards, fliers, etc. to help increase visibility, online traffic and customers.
  • To participate in team Trunk Shows you will be expected to help organize, promote or plan the event. Calls for specific upcoming event needs will be posted in our KCEtsy Teams page.
* * * * *

Are you a local Kansas City area Etsy seller who would like to be a part of our team?
Request membership via our team page on Etsy -- KCEtsy is located here.  You will be asked to provide the information listed below.  Applications not containing any information about you and your shop will be automatically rejected.

Please note that we only use information within the group for organization and communication purposes regarding team business. 

KCEtsy Membership Application:
First/Last Name:
Etsy Shop URL:
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:
City Location:
Blog or Website:
Birthday (not year):
Description of shop items:
What is your interest in our group?
What can you contribute to KC ETSY?

Membership applications are reviewed monthly and batch processed, so please allow some time for us to get to your application. Once accepted, you will be able to join our KCEtsy Flickr photo group, NING Social Network and Facebook group.

As an official member of KCEtsy your shop will be linked via our website at and on our Etsy Team profile page. It may take a few weeks to update these pages after you have been accepted to KC Etsy. Ordinarily, updates are made once a month.