Friday, October 17, 2008

Fridays Inspiration - Our under $8 gift guide

With all the economic craziness in Washington and on Wall Street, everyone is taking a closer look at their holiday budgets. When your holiday wallet gets cinched, you starts looking for ways to get the biggest bang for your hard earned dollars.

The Kansas City Etsy Street Team is a great place to look for unique, high quality gifts that will help you stretch your holiday budget to the max! Look at these great finds, perfect for hard to shop for teens and college students!

1. What Happens at my Locker Magnet by deannaburasco
2. Bottle Cap Pendants by Illustrious
3. Bath Taffy - Solid Bubble Bath by moodygurl
4. Key Fob by nicherndesigns

5. Magic Bubble Tree Bubbles Wand by Thyme2dream
6. The Bubble Ring by thefunkyfelter
7. Lip Butters by ajscountrycottage

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friday's Inspiration - Pink

For many October is filled with the beautiful colors of autumn - apple red, burnt orange, harvest gold - but for those who are and have battled breast cancer, October is pink. Pink because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and thanks to the Susan G. Koman Foundation and Estee Lauder's introduction of little pink ribbons some 16 years ago, the color pink has become a national symbol of hope and support in promoting awareness and early detection. Like many of you, I am surrounded by strong women who are survivors and women who will soon join the ranks of survivors. This summer a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, starting treatment early last month. September also marks the 7 year anniversary of when my mother was diagnosed. Thanks to early detection and good medical care, she's been cancer free now for 6 years.

Show your love and support for those battling breast cancer during this month of increased awareness by sporting a little more pink in your life.

Halloween Garland Tutorial

Here's a whimsical Halloween craft you can make, with thanks going to TinyStitches for creating and sharing this project.
Here's what you need:
3 sheets of 8.5" x 11" white cardstock,
2 sheets of black 12" x 12" cardstock
2 sheets of festive orange 12" x 12' cardstock
scissors or large 3" circle punch
paper cutter or ruler and craft knife
gluestick or double sided tape
3/8" wide ribbon

Print Happy Halloween circles on white cardstock. Cut each circle out using scissors or large 3" circle punch. Cut black cardstock into 3.5" squares. Cut orange cardstock into 3.75" squares.

Glue each circle on a square of black cardstock and then on a square of orange, centering the image each time.

Cut or punch small slits in the upper right and left corner of each square. Layout cards in the order, using any of the spacer graphics at the beginning, end and between both words. Weave ribbon through each slit, as pictured. If garland is too long, break it into two strands.