Thursday, January 31, 2008

Artist Spotlight - Karen Kay Artwork & Adrienne Designs

Painter, illustrator, sculptor, designer, photographer, crafter and all around artist, Karen of Karen Kay Artworks, finds inspiration all around her. “Inspiration is in a warm summer day, a child’s face, an antique rocker, music and TV commercials, which I love to watch. Most of my ideas come when I am alone, listening to music or even in my dreams.” And it’s reflective in her bright, fun and lively work.

Karen is not only another artist who will be showing her work at our Everyone Needs a Little heART, Trunk Show at Shiraz Restaurant tomorrow night, but she is also the main organizer of the event!

“I can’t imagine a day without working on a project or painting or just sketching and writing down ideas” Karen says. This year, Karen is turning her creative focus to painting, turning drawings from her sketchbook into works of art. For tomorrow nights show, Karen has brought one of her sketches to life on canvas, entitled “Heartbreaker” (pictured below top left). Heartbreaker isn’t the only new project Karen has in the works for her show. She’s also been working on more textural pieces, (textural materials are a favorite of hers) making their first public appearance tomorrow night!

I for one can’t wait to see the latest witty creations of Karen Kay Artworks. Karen can be found online at her website, and her Etsy shop.

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Adrienne, of Adrienne Designs, was told by her high school art teacher she really should find another line of work because art just wasn’t something she was good at. Well that art teacher never handed Adrienne a pile of beads and wire and told her to have at it! Adrienne discovered her hidden talent and love of beads and jewelry design quite by accident. It all started with a simple bracelet kit of her daughters. “We did [the kit] and I thought ‘I could do something prettier than that!’” And from that simple child’s jewelry kit, an artist was born.

Natural stones and wire, fibers, are just a few of Adrienne’s favorite materials, “I enjoy working with so many materials! I have a special fondness for Artisan Raku beads and pendants.”

Adrienne’s passion for creating beautiful jewelry hasn’t been diminished by intense health challenges. Three years ago she underwent major surgery that unfortunately, didn’t go well and took a full year to recover from. During that year, she simply focused on survival, and survive she did! “… although I’ve lost a few cognitive skills and short term memory, I can still create. I’m awed by that gift. I’m lucky to be alive much less creating and making jewelry. I give complete credit to God.”

What are Adrienne’s latest creations? A unique and beautiful line of necklaces made of ribbon and other fibers, beads and found objects. She is also working on a few men’s jewelry designs.

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