Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Friday's Inspiration - Pink

For many October is filled with the beautiful colors of autumn - apple red, burnt orange, harvest gold - but for those who are and have battled breast cancer, October is pink. Pink because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and thanks to the Susan G. Koman Foundation and Estee Lauder's introduction of little pink ribbons some 16 years ago, the color pink has become a national symbol of hope and support in promoting awareness and early detection. Like many of you, I am surrounded by strong women who are survivors and women who will soon join the ranks of survivors. This summer a dear friend was diagnosed with breast cancer, starting treatment early last month. September also marks the 7 year anniversary of when my mother was diagnosed. Thanks to early detection and good medical care, she's been cancer free now for 6 years.

Show your love and support for those battling breast cancer during this month of increased awareness by sporting a little more pink in your life.

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