Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine Cards, drumchick style

Do you have Valentine's ready to distribute on Monday? In our house, there's an entire tub dedicated to valentine card making supplies. Kids have been quietly at work all week long making and writing heart felt sentiments to friends, classmates, teachers, and family.

If you're needing cute, quick supplies that don't look like they came from a midnight run to the local box store, check out the offerings of drumchick99. Her paper crafting supplies are just what you need to make charming, one-of-a-kind Valentine's that will better convey your admiration and appreciation for those you love.

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Holly said...

I've bought a good handful of stamps from DrumChick's Etsy store and they're all fantastic! The stamps I had made for the various kiddos in my life went over like a dream. They love stamping their name with their special picture (my son is quite fond of his rocketship, and his little girlfriend loves her puppy!) all over everything. Great quality, handcarved, superquick service and a lovely seller... who could ask for more!