Thursday, December 8, 2011

Local Show Saturday - Handmade & Vintage

Have any of you braved the shopping malls and big box stores on a Saturday?  What a nightmare.  Crowded parking lots, crowded shops, crowded restaurants, everything is crowded, and most of the people unpleasant.  If you still have shopping to do for the holidays and are looking for something unique handmade with artisan craftsmanship, than you want to be at Jerusalem Stone this Saturday from 11am-5pm.  Where there's plenty of free parking, just the right amount of space and friendly happy people who want to help you find the perfect item for you or your loved one.  KCEtsy Team Members Kitty from KisforKitty and MaryAnn from  TangoPony will be in attendance along with other local artists and vintage sellers.  See Jerusalem Stone's facebook event page for a complete listing of vendors, what they are offering, and a map to their store in KCMO.  

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