Monday, March 28, 2011

Artist Spotlight:: aLittleHomie

Kirsten O'Hara, use to consider herself a non-crafter. "As a young adult," she says, "I lacked the patience to carry anything through to a quality finish. I was bursting with ideas, but I was so focused on getting to the end that I rushed through the process. I always ended up with a rotten product."

Still, she had an unexplainable urge to create.

Nearly eleven years ago, on their first anniversary, she and her husband were downtown shopping plaza. He offered to buy her any ONE thing. Intimidated by the vastness of choice, she asked him, instead, to take her to Wal-Mart. She wanted a new hobby, and came home with a pair of knitting needles.

"...Hey, I'm a simple girl. It was probably his greatest gift to me. I haven't put the needles down since. Through knitting, I have learned both patience and a love of the art. I love the colors of the yarn. I love the texture as it slips over my fingers. I love the rhythm in the clicking motions. "

"I have learned to love the process. Knitting gives me the chance to sit, ponder, reflect and refresh. It relaxes me. It fulfills me, and I am now happy to create ... and create and create and create."

Kristen's shop, aLittleHomie, specializes in ready-made hand knit creations and knitting kits. She is currently running a special on her washcloth knitting kits, free shipping to the US and Canada, plus 10% off the kit price! See her shop listings for details on how to get the discount. If you're not a knitter, you can purchase Kristen's ready-made sets of 6 hand knit washcloths. They come in a beautiful array of colors and make an excellent Mother's day or baby shower gift.

You can learn more about Kristen and her creative process on her blog.

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