Saturday, October 1, 2011

Rock Star Wedding Bands By SilverTrove Designs

KCEtsy Team Member Carol Braden-Williams of SilverTrove Designs has been making original design and custom made sterling silver jewelry for over 20 years. Carol is passionate about every piece she makes and looks at every challenge as a new adventure into her creative abilities. She loves getting to know her customers so she can create a piece that fits their personalities, but she has always had a secret dream of making jewelry for rock stars. 

Recently, Carol's dream came true when she was asked to create custom wedding bands for country-alternative singer, Kara Clark, and former Danzig band member, Eerie Von. The happy couple was married on September 17, 2011 and they love showing off their new custom made, matching wedding bands. Check out their music on at

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Anonymous said...

Love the width of the rings. We both got our tungsten wedding bands in 10mm widths. They look so much cooler than thin, flimsy bands.