Monday, March 17, 2008

Coming Together for the Craft

Local Kansas City Art & Craft Classes

An artist's creativity is the heart of their work and we tend to let our imaginations run wild trying to dream up fresh ideas or learn new techniques. We all have those half finished projects or botched pieces that we tried to construct late at night while we swore to ourselves that if we were experts in jewelry that soap making would be a piece of pie. Go figure, the soap didn't set, but don't panic! Part of the handmade movement is getting locals involved in your city to come together for the craft - here is a list of art classes/workshops available in the Kansas City area so we can all share our own expertise while picking up a new skill from our crafty neighbors.

UMKC Communiversity Classes

  • Available to public, sign up anytime
  • Classes change each season offering variety
  • Price: $$
Hot classes for Spring 2008 Season:
  • Victorian Netting
  • Basic Blacksmithing
  • Figure Drawing

Urban Arts + Crafts in Briarcliff
  • Available to public, sign up anytime
  • Classes change regularly offering variety
  • Price: $

Hot Classes:

  • Photo Arts for Beginners
  • Paper Arts Collage
  • Soldered Jewelry Charms
  • Screen Printing

Kansas City Art Institute - Continuing Education

  • Available to public, need to enroll early
  • Classes run for 1-2 months at a time
  • Price: $$$

Hot Classes:

  • Art Business - Selling Your Artwork
  • Silk Painting
  • Woodworking - Furniture Making
  • Cartooning - Comic Book Illustration

* Written by christamarie612

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Waldo Oiseau said...

I highly recommend Urban Arts + Crafts -- they have a variety of classes and they're fun to take with a friend!