Sunday, August 2, 2009

Other Etsy Team Banners

Team members! Please look through the other Etsy team's banners for ideas of what others are doing in the link above. I will be posting some samples I have worked up later this week. I am open to any and all suggestions for what we want our banner and button, etc to look like. Please feel free to email me with suggestions. Thanks, Hope to hear from you all once I post the first samples.

Here are a few I liked, that I saw on the link above.


Chris Vitale said...


Thank you for taking on the task of a new banner!

My thoughts on the banner...

- Of the little I could find on etsy and general craft buyer demographics, they are primarily female, college educated, 18-34 years of age, no children. Thought this might be helpful as you work on the design.

- My take on the objectives of the banner
1. Generate awareness of the KC etsy team
2. Increase traffic and sales at KC team member pages on etsy
3. Create a team brand that communicates handmade, of high quality, and unique

- I like the inclusions of team-related URLs as that would enable us to showcase all the places to see KC Etsy team work

- I like the designs you show here as they all have simple, clean designs. I do like the RI tag "we're awesome, we're local, we're artsy"

Just my 2 cents! :-)


Nonna Illustration & Design said...

Thank you so much Chris! I can't tell you how much I appreciate the info. I was talking with Kathleen about maybe making the links to the KC Etsy team's members pages image links instead of just verbiage links. This might increase traffic. Anyone have any thoughts on this?


Chris Vitale said...

I like that idea a lot -- an image will quickly communicate and I think it is intuitive for people to click on images to link to other sites. And, it gets away from having to have a bunch of text crowd up the banner.


Newelryjewelry said...

Hello Shawna & Chris, I like the Philly and Show me etsy. They look very serene and clean. May be we can come up with something like that. I don't know how to do the graphic things, only ideas. Flowers, birds, corn Sunflower, dogwood. I think we are more like farm and cow.
Just a suggestion.

Lexa Levine said...

i like the banners

Ni-Chern Designs said...

even though i LOVE birds, I'd like to steer away from that... I see that there are so many birds in banners (including mine).

i like the cutout of the city buildings in the Philly one, it's cute.