Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Bags of KCEtsy

Wallets, purses, pouches, clutches, handbags ... chances are if you are a female you have a good showing of three of the four in your closet. Wallets, purses, and handbags are not only functional accessories that carry the bare essentials our pockets simply weren't designed to hold, but they are also an extension of our personalities and the stage of life we're in.

In college I carried a bare essential small zippered pouch. It was just big enough to hold my ID, a little cash, chapstick, a house key and still fit in my back pocket. Years later, my "handbag" reflects a completely different stage of life. Although
I still only need the contents of my small zipper pouch, I now carry an over the shoulder bag to accommodate the all the things a mother needs when she's on the go with little ones. So you'll always find hand sanitizer, diapers, wipes, hot wheel cars, baby spoon, pacifier, snacks, camera, and a little extra room to hold a couple of books or some other discarded item from one of the older kids.

Our talented fabric and fiber artisans and crafters provide pouches, clutches and handbags for every style, every personality, every stage of life. Here's just a sample of what they have to offer.

So which artists bag best matches your personal style? Post a link to your favorite bag either listed above, or from their shop!

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Sylvia C. said...

I Love this one from Ni Chern